PARRISH’S EYES TURNED ORANGE. WTF IS HE? (I still like the idea of him being a phoenix)

Allison being angry with what’s happening is an understatement. baby girl would be pissed


Allydia AU - For Anna - Lawless Badass Babes

Quote from Lydiamaartin

Lydia Martin in “A Promise to the Dead.”

Malia, what’s your favorite food?

forget stardust—you are iron. 


Listening to heartbeat. 

I don’t like fanon “puppy piles” and avoid fanfics with this tag, yet I think that Derek himself is prone to seeking physical contact and cuddling. He canonically touches everyone’s shoulders, even Jackson’s. That is a telling sign to me, because I myself hate touching. I’m often uncomfortable even if there is only 10 cm between me and a body, feeling an “aura pressure” and wanting to rub my skin. Therefore, no unrequited touching from me. Derek puts a protective wall of aggression and yet he pats Scott, reaches for Stiles’s hand after wolfsbane bullet, puts a reassuring hand on Isaac, etc. The wolfie needs comforting hugs like right now, honestly.  


tbh i think straight girls appreciate girls more than straight boys do

dear cas,